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19 Women Architects to Watch in 2019

These A+Award-winning women are bringing unique architecture to reality around the world. By the Architizer Editors.


Architecture of Gender

“Architects are grappling with the profession’s own imbalances. Can they find a more inclusive design vocabulary for themselves and their clients?” Madame Architect’s Founder and Editor Julia Gamolina tours writer Jennifer Krichels and FXCollaborative’s Design Director of Interiors, Angie Lee, around The Wing, as Angie speaks all about design, gender, and culture, sowing the seeds for design thinking as activism. By Jennifer Krichels.


Op Ed: Stop Asking Where All the Female Architects Are; We’re Right Here

“It’s time to change this narrative. I no longer want to hear people asking, “Where are all the women architects?” or saying, “I can’t name five female architects.” I’ve published interviews with 50 women on my platform Madame Architect who build, design, or otherwise advance the practice of architecture, and I’ve spoken to even more. We need to listen to them, write about them, amplify them, and support them in combating the issues our industry faces in order to change this situation.” By Julia Gamolina


Making Madame Architect: How Julia Gamolina is documenting the dames of design

"At 27 years old, New York City-based editor Julia Gamolina has created a space for women to tell their stories about working in architecture in real time with her new online platform, Madame Architect. The site, which launched in May, is home to Q&A-style features focused on the lives of the leading ladies of design." By Sydney Franklin

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Madame Architect with Julia Gamolina

"In this episode, Julia shares the story of why she founded Madame Architect and her goal of showcasing as many women in the architecture field as possible, as well as her journey from being a designer to working in business development." By Catherine Meng


Mademoiselle Editor: How Julia Gamolina is Writing a New Future

"In the past years, numerous articles have been written documenting how women architects have been erased from history. Madame Architect is altering this path by celebrating and documenting the achievements of women in architecture." By Nicole Dosso