Highlighting women that advance the practice of architecture from all backgrounds, levels, and corners of the field

While the seeming lack of women in architecture has been well-documented, women are making waves in all levels of the field. Madame Architect is a platform celebrating women in architecture from different generations, countries, and corners of the industry. Some are just beginning their career while others own their own firms. Some stand out for their research, others for their technical prowess, and others for the success they’ve had building a firm with an impact.

Originating as a guest series on ArchiteXX's online journal Sub_teXXt, Madame Architect is designed to encourage young women considering entering this industry by showing the myriad of  choices they have in crafting a meaningful career. The ultimate goal for Madame Architect is that everyone who is looking at the site is able to find encouragement and guidance for their own pursuits, and empathy and understanding for the pursuits of others. 

Our Team:


Julia Gamolina - Founder & Editor

Dedicated to the built environment and to the empowerment, advancement, and visibility of the women who work in it, Julia Gamolina is the Founder and Editor of Madame Architect where she has published to date over 70 interviews with women who advance the practice of architecture. She is also currently handling business development at FXCollaborative, focusing on mission-driven institutional projects, is a Co-Chair of the Urban Land Institute's Young Leaders Group, and is a Founding Member of The Wing, a network of community spaces for women. Julia is based in NYC, with roots in Siberia and Toronto.

Julia started her career working on headquarters for tech and media companies with A+I, and on high end residential projects with Studio V. Her student positions have taken her to Brazil and Austria, where she also worked on cultural projects. Julia received her Bachelor of Architecture at Cornell University, graduating with the Charles Goodwin Sands Memorial Medal for exceptional merit in the thesis of architecture. Recent speaking engagements have included presentations at Harvard, Cornell, Yale, UPenn, and the Pratt Institute, and her writing has been featured on The Architect’s Newspaper and Architizer. When she is not interviewing amazing architects, Julia is in Central Park with The Reservoir Dogs. Read Julia's interview on the how and why of Madame Architect, by Nicole Dosso, here


Amy Stone - Assistant Editor

Amy is an architect, a mom of two, and currently a graduate student at Georgia Tech. With a prolonged interest in sustainable, context-driven design, she has been a part of the design team for what will be the first Living Building Certified project in the Southeast at Georgia Tech. She is currently at Lord Aeck Sargent, and has a wide range of experience in different building types including housing, mixed-use, adaptive reuse, offices, student centers, and university classrooms. An Atlanta-native, Amy has returned back home after moving to Chile, Hawaii, and Utah over the last decade.

Amy is also an avid letterer and loves calligraphy. She enjoys sending out handmade birthday cards to her friends and her large family which includes 9 siblings, 9 siblings-in-law, and new nieces and nephews every year. An advocate for advancing equity, fairness, and inclusion in the study and practice of architecture, Amy is heavily involved with the student group Equity in Architecture at Georgia Tech.


Caitlin Dashiell - Assistant Editor

Caitlin is an architectural designer, having recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design with her Master of Architecture. During her time at PennDesign, Caitlin served as the Communications Chair for student group PennDesign Women in Architecture (PWIA), and helped found student design publication Babble, which will release its second issue in January 2020. With interests in how architecture and the performing arts influence one another, Caitlin has moved to Houston, Texas, where she will be continuing her career with the amazing team at Metalab Studio working on residential, commercial, and civic projects in Texas.

Caitlin’s time in academia and with her mentors in professional work have deeply affected the urgency with which she looks forward to giving voices and power to women in design. She’s excited to spend her time post-graduate school as part of the Madame Architect team, as well as getting involved with AIA Houston’s Women in Architecture Committee, continuing to sell art and antiques through her family business, Art Extraction, and going on adventures with her fiancé and new kitten.