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Breaking Records and Norms at the AIA 2019 Women's Leadership Summit

“More than 750 architects and designers gathered at the biennial event avowed change in their individual careers and in the profession at large.” By Wanda Lau

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How Pros Are Working to Support Women in Architecture

“There’s a saying that you can’t be what you can’t see, and Gamolina and others are working to make that sure women and other minorities in the industry — or those considering entering the profession — have relatable role models.” By Gwendolyn Purdom


The Multi-Story Brains of Female Architects

“‘To be integrated [people] is what we should all be striving for,” remarked Julia Gamolina, another Summit speaker and editor of Madame Since founding Madame Architect in 2018, Gamolina has interviewed over ninety female architects to give women a voice and a platform.” By Toby Israel Ph.D.

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Interview with Julia Gamolina

“The founder of Madame Architect speaks with RECORD about the value of mentorship.” By Miriam Sitz


How storytelling can be a vehicle for inclusion in architecture

“By sharing their own experiences—from in and out of the workplace—women are finding common ground and support within their firms and networks.” By Milan Durham

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Two accomplished Clevelanders talk with Madame Architect about building careers, overcoming challenges and more

“…the site's spotlight turns to Cleveland with two excellent Q&As: one with Sandra Madison, chairwoman and CEO of Robert P. Madison International Inc., and another with Utako Tanebe, an architect and designer at DLR Group | Westlake Reed Leskosky.” By Scott Suttell


How ‘Madame Architect’ Inspires the Next Generation of Talent

“Julia Gamolina didn’t start her blog, Madame Architect, with any particular goals in mind. She just knew she wanted guidance for her career and to start writing again. Now she hopes it can become an equally inspiring place for those who dream of a career in architecture.” By Louis Bedigian


A 3-Point Manifesto for Advancing Women in Architecture

“Let’s accelerate the dedication, quicken the rhythm and see how the industry begins to change for the better.” By Julia Gamolina


'Visibility, retention and change' are part of the path forward for women in architecture

“In a field — architecture and design — still dominated by men, Julia Gamolina is giving voice to women and underscoring the need for mentorship in the profession.” By Scott Suttell

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Local organization continues support, recognition of female architects

“For the fifth year in a row, the Cleveland chapter of American Institute of Architects hosted its Women in Architecture Celebration on Thursday night. The event, which was hosted at Rustbelt Reclamation off East 36thStreet, sought to honor the area’s female architects while brainstorming ways to increase the ranks.” By Jordan Vandenberge


19 Women Architects to Watch in 2019

These A+Award-winning women are bringing unique architecture to reality around the world. By the Architizer Editors.


Architecture of Gender

“Architects are grappling with the profession’s own imbalances. Can they find a more inclusive design vocabulary for themselves and their clients?” Madame Architect’s Founder and Editor Julia Gamolina tours writer Jennifer Krichels and FXCollaborative’s Design Director of Interiors, Angie Lee, around The Wing, as Angie speaks all about design, gender, and culture, sowing the seeds for design thinking as activism. By Jennifer Krichels.


Op Ed: Stop Asking Where All the Female Architects Are; We’re Right Here

“It’s time to change this narrative. I no longer want to hear people asking, “Where are all the women architects?” or saying, “I can’t name five female architects.” I’ve published interviews with 50 women on my platform Madame Architect who build, design, or otherwise advance the practice of architecture, and I’ve spoken to even more. We need to listen to them, write about them, amplify them, and support them in combating the issues our industry faces in order to change this situation.” By Julia Gamolina


Making Madame Architect: How Julia Gamolina is documenting the dames of design

"At 27 years old, New York City-based editor Julia Gamolina has created a space for women to tell their stories about working in architecture in real time with her new online platform, Madame Architect. The site, which launched in May, is home to Q&A-style features focused on the lives of the leading ladies of design." By Sydney Franklin

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Madame Architect with Julia Gamolina

"In this episode, Julia shares the story of why she founded Madame Architect and her goal of showcasing as many women in the architecture field as possible, as well as her journey from being a designer to working in business development." By Catherine Meng


Mademoiselle Editor: How Julia Gamolina is Writing a New Future

"In the past years, numerous articles have been written documenting how women architects have been erased from history. Madame Architect is altering this path by celebrating and documenting the achievements of women in architecture." By Nicole Dosso